Summer I Female I Kelpie X I 4 Months

Kid Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes- so far
Dog Friendly: Yes
House Trained: Currently an outside only dog
Energy Level: Medium-High
BIN: BIN0000372669521

Summer, the season of happiness! I’m a loving little pup who thrives on human attention. Food is Life! I’m a friendly little pup who loves pats, cuddles and one of the only times I’ll sit still is for a belly rub. I’ll literally lie there until you give up. When I’m not playing with my bigger foster sister, you’ll find me on the hunt for food, so you better hide the food well.
I have been awesome with little kids, I don’t bite or nip, but I do love to give wet kisses (licks a lot).

When she first arrived, she was a little timid and very shy. She has slowly came out of her shell, she is a pleasant little pup & so gentle. Summer confidently interacts with her foster sister, and she also met a cat, which at first, it was easy to tell Summer was very wary of having her face scratched, so maybe she had encountered a cat before! Nonetheless when she now sees the cat, you can tell she is inquisitive to play.
When it comes to food, Summer LOVES food, and will eat every crumb and lick the bowl throughout the night until morning! She will need more training for manners in this area as she yelps and cries at the sheer excitement at the sight/smell of food.

Summer is yet to understand her name but is very responsive to a whistle and when you call, she will be a good mate to whoever adopts her. She would appreciate a doggy playmate as she is a little pocket rocket! She jumps a lot , but is getting better in understanding to contain her excitement.

Summer is very very smart and as a working breed she will require daily walks and mental stimulation to ensure her good behavior continues. Puppy training would be a wonderful way to get to know each other and learn new skills together. Not only will Summer benefit from taking part with you, she will enjoy the quality time you spend together training and building trust.

Summer is $350 to adopt, desexed, microchipped, C4 vaccinated and given flea, tick and worm preventatives.

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