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*Located in Cairns*

Dog Friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Untested
Kid Friendly: Yes (He’s a bit of a face licker with the little ones)
House trained: Yes (He loves to watch telly with you)
Energy Level: Medium

Are you sick of those dogs that only greet you with half baked enthusiasm? Then you need to get yourself a Pablo! Pablo is happy to see you no matter what time of day and is always keen to help. Doing some gardening? Pablo is right there beside you eating mulch and dragging a palm frond. Did you accidentally leave the patio door open and then got up at 3 am for a bathroom visit, Pablo will be there to make sure you are ok! However, if nothing’s going on he is totally happy to spend the bulk of the day snoozing.
What Pablo needs from you is to set firm boundaries, be consistent with training and to give him lots of love and encouragement. If you don’t have another dog then be prepared to play! In return you will have yourself a loyal mate whose big smile and goofy behaviour will give you the warm and fuzzies every time you see him. And what a handsome boy! Some say he looks like Channing Tatum. ;)

Pablo is $300 to adopt, desexed, microchip, C4 vaccinated and given flea, tick and worm preventatives.
If you would like to meet Pablo, please contact email [email protected]

Adoption Enquiry

Hi there, I'm Pablo!

I'm a large sized Bull Arab dog. I have been desexed, vaccinated and I am 1 year 4 months 3 weeks old.

  • Gender: Male
  • Location: QLD, 4870
  • Desexed: Yes
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • Wormed: Yes
  • Born: Feb 25, 2017 (17 months ago)
  • Mix Breed: Yes