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*Located in Cairns*

Cat Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Untested
Child Friendly : Yes
Litter Trained: Yes

My name is Sam and I am your entertainment for this evening. I am a very clever cat, who has a Ph.D. in ‘Head-bops’, a B.A. in ‘Snuggles,’ and I am currently working on my Masters in ‘Cuddles.’ I am led to believe that I need to do a fair amount of fieldwork to complete my Masters degree, so I am looking for a family that would be willing to assist me in my educational endeavors. I hasten to add that I am one very smart-looking cat too, in my dove-grey and white fur.

Adoption Enquiry

Sammy has already been rehomed and is only here for historical purposes

Hi there, I'm Sammy!

I'm a Domestic Short Hair cat. I have been desexed, vaccinated and I am 1 year 2 months 2 weeks old.

Thanks to the folks at North Queensland Animal Rescue for finding my new home!

  • Gender: Male
  • Location: QLD, 4870
  • Desexed: Yes
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • Wormed: Yes
  • Born: Apr 30, 2017 (15 months ago)
  • Mix Breed: Yes
This animal has found a new home!